Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stem Cell treatment site

Visit this site for stem cell treatment...


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  2. hw do i contact siddharth mukherjee?

  3. Dear sir..please update your blog..its quite good and very informative.

  4. I think that Siddhartha Mukherjee may have more insight into cancer than any other living human being, as he understands that the "cure to cancer" is more likely to be a breakthrough that is social rather than scientific.

  5. "The Emperor of All Maladies" is not just a brilliant book about cancer. It is written by someone whose command of English is rich, wide, and profound. What a pleasure to read scientific topics by an author who is, in the best sense of the word, educated.

  6. while reading your book i find an uncanny similarity between the behavior of cancer cell and the nuclear molecules . Both behaves in the same way . If the energy is released over long period , its perfectly normal but if same happens in a minute, its explosion . Same with the cancer cell . So is there a fundamental law , that can be discovered, to explain the creation - physical , biological ,, all ??? if so the cure for cancer can from cosmology rather than medicine

    Where do I get your book The Gene ?